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Hello and welcome!  

As you can see in the pictures above, we have been very busy!  

During our circle time activities, we are always having fun with our hands on activities and projects, but we are actually working hard on our skills!  Math skills are something we are super good at!  Adding, subtracting, graphing, measuring, categorizing and learning numerical order are all skills we are working on mastering.  We are also building our small and large motor skills and motor planning through music, dance, exercise and yoga poses.  We love to have our "plank challenge" every day to see who can stay up the longest.  Ask them to show you how!

 In the classroom we love our projects during "skill building".  Painting, glueing and cutting with scisors are daily tasks that are both fun and important!  We are also learning our alphabet and practicing using our letter sounds to make words.  We are now learning how to blend our letters together to make words as we are beginning to read!!   

We hope you enjoy the pictures with your child.  It may spark some wonderful conversation about their days at Sunset. 

Thanks for visiting.  If you are so inclinded, feel free to sign out guest book below.  :)


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Name: Virginia Lustyik
Date: 02/07/2008
Message: Melissa, What a great job with the Art Show! Bobby was just so proud of his painting. And, I am so proud to be both a Sunset parent and teacher! It was a wonderful event. Thank you for your hard work and dedication:)

Name: Melinda Cosentino
Date: 01/27/2008
Message: God had blessed our whole community with this school! Thank you Melissa, and all the teachers for all you have done.

Name: Rob and Laurie Weisz
Date: 01/14/2008
Message: We love having such quick access to all kinds of information! It's really great to feel so involved!!! Thank you!

Name: Graceann Dolan
Date: 12/13/2007
Message: I love the website!!!!

Name: Maria Griffin
Date: 12/03/2007
Message: Looks great!

Name: Christy Lang
Date: 11/21/2007
Message: It looks great Melissa! What a great idea!

Name: Clyda Bell
Date: 10/31/2007
Message: Looks Fantastic! I love the idea of posting upcoming events. There have been so many Positive changes at Sunset and we are happy to be part of it all!

Name: Sarah Jersey
Date: 10/25/2007
Message: Great idea! It looks great.

Name: Cheryl Martin
Date: 10/05/2007
Message: looks great, Melissa

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