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Hello and welcome!  

As you can see in the pictures above, we are busy bees! 

During our circle time activities, we are always having fun with our hands on activities and projects, but we are actually working hard on our skills!  Math skills are something we are super good at!  Adding, subtracting, graphing, measuring, categorizing and learning numerical order are all skills we are working on mastering.  We are also building our small and large motor skills and motor planning through music, dance, exercise and yoga poses.  

 In the classroom we love our projects during "skill building".  Painting, glueing and cutting with scisors are daily tasks that are both fun and important!  We are also learning our alphabet and practicing using our letter sounds to make words.  Soon we will learn how to blend our letters together to make words so we can read!  

We hope you enjoy the pictures with your child.  It may spark some wonderful conversation about their days at Sunset. 

Thanks for visiting.  If you are so inclinded, feel free to sign out guest book below.  :)


Sunset's teachers are all certified in the field of early childhood. All teachers and aides are all certified for cpr and first aide.

Director: Melissa Wassil

2 Year Old Programs:

Teachers:  Jennifer Donnelly< Melissa Wassil

Teacher Assistants: Carol Steinberg, Maira Sullivan, Natalie Warner and Brenna Wassil

3 Year Old Programs:

Teacher:  Graceann Dolan and Elaine Bell

Teacher Assistant: Sarah Jersey 

4 Year Old Program:

Teachers:  Elaine Bell and Jill LaRocque

Teacher Assistants: Jill LaRocque, Melissa Wassil

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Back to School time!!

We are so excited to start a brand new school year.  This year we expanded our 2's proram to have two sections and will add another class in January!  Very exciting news!  It is our goal to provide the best early childhood experience we possibly can.  :)

If you come here to visit, be sure to sign our guest book!

Why choose Sunset Nursery School for your child's early education?

Sunset is an academically strong, play with a purpose, Christian school.  We are not a school of one faith, however, we celebrate different faiths and cultures and focus on the golden rule, "Doing to others as we would have them do unto you".  We support the preschool Common Core program in a child-friendly and appropriate manner. The focus is on literacy and math skills using the Pre-K NYS common core program that compliments the NYS CC kindergarten program,  so they are ready when they move on to the elementary school.  Also, on a daily basis, they will enjoy art, dance, spanish, yoga, sign language, Go No Sen Kinderkicks, Minday Sax music, cooking, science and more!  Our  focus is on strengthening your child's God given talents, and we place a high emphasis on building independence, self esteem and individuality.   With our 5 dynamic centers in the main room, the children have daily "free play".  It is important to never underestimate the importance play has in a pre-school program.  There must be an opportunity for center time play incorporated into their day.  Play allows for creativity and the development of their imagination.  It teaches emotional control, appropriate social interaction and healthy brain development and it is an integral part of their early childhood experience.  

Thumbs up for math!!

Math is SUPER!

Thumbs up for math!

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    Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'" (Matthew 19:13-14)

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