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Sunset has "FRESH-AIR" classrooms!   

With our four "fresh-air classrooms" our students spend a lot of time outside.  During the fall and spring we spend almost 100% of our time outdoors.  During the winter months, we alternate going inside and outside.  Even when it is chilly, we still enjoy the fresh air!    

Our day is full of hands on learning that is fun!  Circle time, calendar time, music, art, yoga, skill building, snack and (of course) play time!   

When we are inside, our space is large, open and bright.  The space is well-ventalated and we have two Air Doctor air

purification systems.  

The environment, routine and curriculum are unique and we invite you to come in and see the difference.

Above are pictures that will give you a "snapshot" into a day in the life at Sunset Nursery School.  


Sunset adheres to the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)  and is a member of the Childcare Council of Westchester.  
Sunset's teachers are all certified in the field of early childhood. All teachers and aides are all certified for cpr and first aide.

Director: Melissa Wassil

2 Year Old Programs:

Teachers:  Jennifer Donnelly

Teacher Assistant: Carol Steinberg

3 Year Old Programs:

Teachers:  Graceann Dolan and Michelle Kendel

Teacher Assistants: Sarah Jersey and Brenna Wassil

4 Year Old Programs:

Teachers:  Elaine Bell and Kim Sherman 

Teacher Assistants: Jill LaRocque and Michelle Kendel

 The Petite Picasso Art show at the Hendrick Hudson Free Library was a little different this year, however, the "show must go on"... and it did!  The artist's paintings were displayed during the month of March and they made appointments to view them with their families.  


Life is "regular" here at Sunset for our little ones, and it has been wonderful!

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We are very thankful for the kind words.

If you come here to visit, be sure to sign our guest book!

Why choose Sunset Nursery School for your child's early education?

Sunset is an academically strong, play with a purpose, Christian school.  We are not a school of one faith, however, we celebrate different faiths and cultures and focus on the golden rule, "Doing to others as we would have them do unto you".  We support the preschool Common Core program in a child-friendly and appropriate manner. The focus is on literacy and math skills using the Pre-K NYS common core program that compliments the NYS CC kindergarten program,  so they are ready when they move on to the elementary school.  Also, on a daily basis, they will enjoy art, dance, spanish, yoga, sign language, Go No Sen Kinderkicks, Minday Sax music, cooking, science and more!  Our  focus is on strengthening your child's God given talents, and we place a high emphasis on building independence, self esteem and individuality.   With our 5 dynamic centers in the main room, the children have daily "free play".  It is important to never underestimate the importance play has in a pre-school program.  There must be an opportunity for center time play incorporated into their day.  Play allows for creativity and the development of their imagination.  It teaches emotional control, appropriate social interaction and healthy brain development and it is an integral part of their early childhood experience.  

Thumbs up for math!!

Math is SUPER!

Thumbs up for math!

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    Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'" (Matthew 19:13-14)

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